Part I
Q&A with Jae Kwon-Co founder of Tendermint Contributor to Cosmos
All in Bits and Sebastien Couture - Co-Founder & Host
Epicenter and Cosmology newsletter
Part II
Interoperability debate with:
Christopher Goes Protocol Developer + Researcher, All in Bits
Dean Tribble CEO, Agoric
Alastair Stewart Web 3 Foundation
Mark Miller Chief Scientist, Agoric
Jehan Tremback CEO, Althea
Part III
Ethan Buchman - Technical Director
Interchain Foundation - State machine and stakeholders: The Corporation
Part I
Zaki Manian-Head of research
About staking participation, cross chain validation,
photon design space, validator differentiation
Part II
Jessy Irwin-Director of Security
Making long term investments in ecosystem security
Part III
Epicenter live
Brian Crain- CEO, Co-Founder, ChorusOne
Sebastien Couture-Co-Founder & Host, Epicenter
Part IV
Nicolas Pinto
Co-Founder, Cygni Labs
Icarus how we use deep learning and AI to explore the depths of the cosmos codebase
Part V
Jack Zampolin +Jae Kwon +Ethan Frey(IOV)+ Dr. Jana Essebier
(Attorney at Law and Partner @VISCHER)
-Identity Panel-
Part VI
Sunny Aggarwal
Part VII
Juan Leni
Preethi Kasireddy
CEO + Founder, TruStory
Zaki Manian
Building TruStory on the Cosmos SDK